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Bridal Calendar - A one-year plan for scheduling wedding 'to-do's'.

Plan your special day from engagement to honeymoon with Kali-Kate's wedding calendar where you will find over 50 suggestions - including when to reserve a venue or church, when to contact photographer or videographer, scheduling of wedding gown fitting - everything right up to when you leave on your honeymoon.


Bridal Registery - presents all of your bridal registeries at one time, in one place.

Kali-Kate's Bridal Register lists all of the stores where you are registered with a direct link to your Bridal Registery for each individual store.


Honeymoon Planner - useful information to help in planning the perfect honeymoon.

Kali-Kate's Honeymoon planner is a list of items to consider when making arrangements for your honeymoon . . . from the first moment of planning to the last item packed.

Kali-Kate Elegant Austin Texas Events Pavillion

Kali-Kate's magical location and friendly professionals ensure the success of any event.

Outdoor Texas weddings, rehearsal dinners, and other special events are always elegant at Kali-Kate. Jerry and the Kali-Kate staff meticulously take care of every detail to make all events memorable and an extraordinary experience for you
and your guests.

Call today for an appointment to see the beauty of Kali-Kate for yourself.

Contact Jerry at 713-724-3022 (Mobile)

9am-5pm CST


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